Direct Mode in Big Sur

thank for answer… ok redone it while working :slight_smile:

when it open the extensions window, i can drop the ktext there and replace
i see the 2017 .ktext, but it is not the same root folder in system, because that folder don’t change??

top folder extensions is the real big sur one, locked…
then under, is the one that terminal open that i drop and replace, seems ok…

so, after. is the chown thing is well written? should i change something there?
what is a subshell? do i have to open another terminal window?

If I understand correctly, it’s the $REBUILD_KC process that actually puts it in /System/Library/Extensions, by copying it from the temp volume it creates.
That’s why, if you get that Virt.IO error during REBUILD_KC, that means that it failed to load that newly copied KEXT file.

My recommendation is again to copy the old IOAudio side by side and check under Apple Logo–>About This Mac --> System Report --> Extensions to see if there are any errors with that new kext. Once you solve that, you can override the new IOAudio.kext with the old El Capitan one.

Could you be so kind as to post a mini-guide of the process you followed to enable the kext? :sunglasses:

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How were you able to do this, If I may? Did you use the method posted above by @DrJohnM61 ? I would not need to hack an older MacMini as I would have to get a new one that already has Big Sur On it, but I would like to be able to get Direct Mode.

Anyone else know how to get Direct mode in Big Sure?

I appreciate your time and effort on all of the work done here along with @RunHomeSlow.


Sorry, it’s been so long ago that I can’t really remember beyond what I posted. I THINK I copied it to the non-system folder and then ran the update kexts command.

Just upgraded to 11.4 and it worked.

Use this guide to get to a working macOS 11.4 (if you use an old Mac Mini like myself, otherwise just upgrade): GitHub - barrykn/big-sur-micropatcher: A primitive USB patcher for installing macOS Big Sur on unsupported Macs

Then (again, considering you use the patched OS):

/Volumes/Install\ macOS\ Big\ Sur/

Copy original working direct-mode kext to the local folder. Make sure you use a different filename:

cp -R /Users/odedia/Desktop/IOAudioFamilyPatched.kext .

Change owner:

chown -R root:wheel IOAudioFamilyPatched.kext

Delete old file:

rm -rf IOAudioFamily.kext

mv patched to real file name

mv IOAudioFamilyPatched.kext IOAudioFamily.kext

Run open . to make sure new file is there (should be 276kb).




Check file is still there

sudo reboot

Good luck.

Hi Odedia,

Your tip allows to get Direct mode on Big Sur on an old unsupported Mac.
But is there a tip to get Direct mode on Big Sur on an Intel Mac that is compatible with Big Sur?

Didn’t try anything. You could running the tonymacosx86 tools, I think any other guides here should do the trick the same as in Catalina but honestly not sure.

What does Direct mode provide? Are these noticeable changes or at the level “Did something seem to me”?

Has anyone been able to get Direct Mode working on an M1-based Mac running Big Sur or later?

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