Direct play audio device

Hi Damien,

Is there a way to enable direct play on audio devices? My reason behind this is that I now use Audirvana as my only music player since purchasing it. Depending on my mood, I listen to it analytically or sometimes just casually (when working). When I listen to it casually, I would tend to use my Advanced M5 TWS via Bluetooth and I can only choose WASAPI. I wanted to be able to use the device across throughout different applications as I work because sometimes I need to answer a skype call, play a video from youtube or return to playing music from Audirvana.

The problem with the current and only option (WASAPI) is that the signal becomes chappy as if there is some interference when playing music from Audirvana after switching from a different app. The only way to restore the flawless signal is to close Audirvana and re-connect my TWS with it. I don’t get the cuts when using it with another app. I was hoping I could use it smoothly like when I was using it with Jriver through a direct play audio device.

Thank you.

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