Disabling auto play Tidal

This seems to be a “feature” and I don’t want it. Specific example: I selected Jimmy Buffet’s (RIP JB) Songs You Know By Heart ALBUM and Played the ALBUM. When it started I checked my play que and all the songs from the album were there. I am using TIDAL to stream this album. When I hear the end of the last song on the album coming to a close I am expecting it to end and then I will select MY next piece of music. Instead after the last song finishes a new song starts playing. I check my play que and there are added dozens of additional tracks. I stop the track and hit Clear Play Que. All the tracks get removed …and then immediately they all repopulate. I hit Clear Play Que again and the same thing…over and over. Finally hit the Padlock and then I can clear it.

Since I am using Audirivana to control my TIDAL interface, I don’t want Audirivana to behave like this. I select the tracks/albums I want to listen to and Audiriviana plays it and nothing more or less. Lets get whatever it is that is going on here with these added tracks fixed.

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature.

Your Tidal settings should include a radio or autoplay function. You need to turn that off. (I don’t use Studio so not exactly sure what it’s called or looks like :wink:)

ahhhhhhhhhhh – its called “auto play from last track”


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Got it thanks!!

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