Discounted Second License

Since we have the absurd limitation of using Audirvana on only 2 computers, I need to purchase a second license.

Is there a discount one might get for purchasing a second license in order to use it on more than 2 computers? I have 3 that I want Audirvana on, and it seems like having to pay full price after having already paid full price is a rip.

NOTE: Either up the number of installations to something more realistic, or get rid of the limitation. Even Apple has a 5 computer limit for using Music. Forcing good customers to pay twice just to use music playing software on all of their computers is not cool.

I agree, This is a real problem. Happy to pay extra to get Audirvana on my 5 computers but surely not x3 full price licenses to do so.

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I wouldn’t expect a response. I posted 3 months ago, and you’re the first.

Well thanks for your response to my response. Actually I have the more pressing issue of solving the ‘too many installs’ message despite not having it on any computers at the moment.

No response, and now we have nothing but this subscription nonsense.

Already seeking alternatives.