Display names of composers and lyricists

After trying Roon for the past 10 months, I purchased Origin a few minutes ago. When using my older Audirvana 3.5, the Remote app displayed the names of the composers and lyricists that I added to each song’s metadata. Now, the Remote app no longer displays that information. That metadata appears on my computer screen, but I would like to see it on the Remote app. Is there a way to fix this problem? Thank you.


If you are on Android, there is a new beta for the remote, you can try it and see if it is back…

If you are iOS, you’ll have to wait for the new version, to see

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I appreciate your quick reply, but am a long-time Mac mini user.

I am sending three screenshots of the Remote App on my iPad. The Frank Sinatra screenshot was taken months ago when I was using the Remote App with a then-unreliable Audirvana 3.5. The Nat King Cole screen shots were taken minutes ago using the Remote App with Audirvana 3.5 and Audirvana Origin, respectively.

I hope the new version of the Remote App will once again let me display the same types of metadata when I’m using Audirvana Origin. By the way, I simply type the information about the composer and lyricist in the box for Composer because Audirvana does not provide boxes for the lyricist and arranger. Moreover, in the case of a songwriter, it’s simpler to write “Words and Music by . . .”.

Second Issue [not related to the Remote App]:

Here’s a problem I noticed before I purchased Origin. Editing metadata with version 3.5 has become more difficult than it used to be. For example, the word “his” is not a proper name, so it should be in lower case. But Audirvana 3.5 insists on using an upper case “His” for “Artie Shaw and his Orchestra.” Audirvana is not equally concerned when the artist is “Artie Shaw and his Gramercy Five.” Audirvana Origin seems to permit even less metadata editing.

I’m looking forward to using the new Remote App.

I will look at this with our developer.

You can change the artist in Audirvāna Origin like this, le me know if you have been able to change it:


Good morning.

After sending that earlier message, I stumbled upon the screen that allows users to edit the name of the artist. However, Audirvana will not let me change “His” to “his” because it wants me to choose from several artist names already listed in that screen. By the way, Audirvana synchs its files with those in my iTunes/Apple Music library, which has the correct artist names. I don’t recall having this type of problem with the earlier versions of Audirvana. Thanks for looking into this problem.

If you do not choose an artist and click on save, do you still have “His” displayed?

To be honest, I think the answer is Yes. In any event, here is a screenshot of the list, which I should have sent earlier.

Hello, Antoine,

Moments ago, I was able to change “His” to “his” by clicking on the name of the artist, then clicking on edit, then typing my change, and then saving the result.

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