Displayed info suggestion

I’ve mentioned this previously. Please show artist name instead of album title. Album title need only be displayed once at top.

Both album name and artist name are redundant in this example.

Playlists would benefit from having artist listed beneath song title instead of album name.

Since this is a Play Queue, the album title cannot be displayed at the top because there could be tracks from multiple albums in the queue.


It doesn’t necessarily have to be displayed on top.

Perhaps simply noting “Current Album” in header would do the trick. The point here is to eliminated the redundancy of having each track display the album’s name. A varied Play Queue (Playlist) is better served by having the artist listed beneath each song.

I totally disagree. Album name in a queue is an important information.
But I think the artist name would be good too, maybe before or after the name of the album (but it might take too much space). Or a little (i) on the right (or long press like Apple used to do with force touch), and when you tap it, a popover with the full info (artist, track, album, art, bitrate…), that’d be gorgeous :relaxed:

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