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How do I change the song data categories that are displayed while playing a song in Audirvana 3.5? For example, on all the CDs that I ripped to flac the top line always shows the genre. I want to see the song title there. I don’t see anywhere in the settings where this can be changed. The categories are correct when I stream from Qobuz. Did I rip my CDs incorrectly? This has been bothering me for years! Any help would sure be appreciated!

Hi @mikem,

Can you send a screenshot of what you see?

The lower left metadata text shows the genre with the song title underneath. I couldn’t possibly care less about genre. I prefer to just see the song title with the artist underneath.

This view has 3 lines of metadata, again featuring genre on the top line. Here I would prefer to see song title, artist, and album title.

Am I doing something wrong or just being too picky?

Can you please open the album Tales From The Acoustic Planet and send a screenshot? I have an idea about what is displayed in reality.

For this album the top line continually scrolls through “Progressive Bluegrass/Fusion/Bluegrass/ - {song title here}”

The genre info was inserted into metadata by the dbpoweramp CD ripper I used years ago. Some albums can have a dozen or more different genre labels listed out. Maybe I need to delete genre info from all my CD rips?

i see what you have. It’s not the Genre metadata but the grouping metadata:

If you do not want this metadata to be displayed, you will need to select all of the tracks of this album and then remove the grouping metadata.

You’re right! I used a metadata editor, deleted the grouping category, and the problem is fixed. Thank you so much for your help! I’ve silently grumbled about this to myself for years. Thanks again!

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