Distorted sound Mini Mac

Hello all,

I’m new to Audirnava and just installed it on a Mac Mini Late 2014 with 4 Gb RAM and 256 Gb HD.
I haver a ADL GT40 DAC attached via USB. The sound via the DAC is completely distorted.
I tried all settings, but luck.
As mentioned in another thread, I tried other USB ports, no luck.
I tried another program (Vox) to play my hi-res FLAC files (24bit / 96 Khz), but the same problem.
It sounds fine on the local output, but not via the Usb / DAC.

The strange thing is that I have another Mac Mini late 2012 with 10 Gb RAM en 512 Gb SSD drive and everything works fine. This one uses bluetooth keyboard and mouse, so I switch these to to the other Mac to see whether this was the culprit. Unfortunately not.

After testing these different option, I come to the following conclusion:

  1. The USB ports on the Late 2014 Mac are all faulty (?) or
  2. The Memory and disk speed on the Late 2014 Mac are not up to par to play any file ?

Does/Did anyone experienced the same problem ? I don’t think Audirvana is the problem.


I have the same issue with a similar set up, to get mine to play i had to limit the bit rate to 88.2khz. Only on USB though, optical I can use whatever rate. Suggest this is a USB issue.

I have had the same issue and used essentially the same solution.

THank you Buck_bailey and soma for your response. I’ll try this and see whether it works.

I have the same problem with all my recorded FLAC files. Played through Audirvana the sound is distorted.I have contacted support about the issue and they ask if my FLAC files are correctly coded. But my files playes OK using Groove, Amarra Lux and many others.

Regards Aja

I was not able to solve the problem on the Mini Mac Late 2014. I had another Mini Mac Late 2012 and tried that one. Everything works fine now. So either the USB ports on the Late 2014 Mac were faulty or Apple uses another chip in the Late 2014.