DLNA renderer for Mac?

Hi all two q : is there a way I can play Audirvana to from one Mac to another through DLNA? I’m still not clear on the renderer/controller concept. I downloaded several DLNA renderer/server (like VLC, Plex) none of them shows up on the Audirvana network list. I think I must have understanding this whole thing wrong. At the same time I have Ultrarendu working and also my Volumio DLNA renderer working perfectly. Just not on Mac.

The original goal is to be able to play the music from my Mac mini to my iMac. I thought one can use the license for two computers but I"m not sure if it’s at the same time? I tried it but I got “too many license” maybe it’s because of my old usage last year. Damian can you revoke all my computers if two is allowed. I"ll be happy :smiley:

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Have you tried to install Kodi on the Mac?

Thanks, tried Kodi and it works. Kinda clunky though… among the 300 features Kodi has I only need one LOL.

Hope Damian can reset my license count. Looks like it’s possible to run two computer? Thanks,