DLNA Server need

Audirvana 3.5 is ‘just’ a DLNA control point.
Is there any DLNA server version planned for future Audirvana version ?
I would control my renderer from an Android or ipad tablet, not directly from the Windows Audirvana interface.
Sorry, not sure regarding the applicative architecture, my question make sense …


Hello @r11bordo, I’m sorry to inform you that this feature is not planned for the moment for a future version of Audirvana.

Hi r11bordo!
Neutron is an Android app that could act as server, for what I understand of this topic. Please reply your thoughts and experiences.

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In fact, I saw it exists an application ‘Remote’ on Android and iOS to control remotely Audirvana. But no limited version on Android, it costs directly 10€ and I have not verified the price for iOS.
So I will test Audirvana PC with a Ropeee XL installed into a network drive and check the behavior. For the remote application, I will see after.