DLNA / Unpnp stopped working

Hello, i’m using Audirvana with a Microsoft Surface windows 10 laptop to stream to a Cambridge 851N.
It worked very well but suddenly it stopped working. The file is loading but doesn’t start playing.

Is there a DLNA render hanging in between? Is minimserver or BubbleUPnP running?
Where are you streaming from? NAS? From PC? Many people ask that are open before you can find anything.

Nee, extra check maar Bubble draait niet of iets anders. Ik stream van Tidal. Log off/on gaf ook geen verandering.

Hello @AlexM, when you stream directly form the desktop/website of Tidal, do you have this issue?

With Tidal website I can only stream to chromecast audio which I also have and is attached to the 851N streamer. That still works.