DLNA/UPnP Volume weirdness

Using studio to control my Eversolo DMP-A8 via DLNA but the volume seems to act weirdly and inconsistently.

It will go up or down in increments of anywhere between 3-6 dB which can cause some very loud increases.

I can’t enable “software volume control” in the settings but assume that may be a DLNA thing?

DLNA is a Non-realtime protocol… Therefore your sending volume control being realtime on your end and the results of non-realtime control with the DAC is inconsistent behavior…

Hi @thebiglebowski,

Have you tried to change the volume control step to set it at 1 db?

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If I change it to 1db steps it goes up by 7dB at a time.

If I change it to 0.1dB steps it goes up by 1dB so that seems to be a fix.

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