Do I need a dac device at all?

I have a premium subscription to Tidal which I use via apps on respectively. iPhone and MacPro. From there I can stream via Airplay to a Maranz 8005, which provides conversion from CD player and video / DVD / blueray / AppleTV. Do I need a dac device at all?

If your 8005 is actually SA8005 or NA8005 then it is a dac itself

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It’s an NA8005, but it doesn’t support Tidal directly, which I can stream via Airplay, nor MQA, so I can either use the Tidal app to convert MQA or Audirvana. As I understand it, Audivana can be set up to deliver the best possible signal to an external dac (NA8005). Is it correctly understood?

Audivirna can only do the first unfold of MQA, you still require the dac hardware to do the second unfold.
Something like a dragonfly red or cobalt would be good starting point.

You can try to stream to it using UPnP. That way you get the MQAs first unfold.

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