Do you need the Tidal HiFi tier if you always upsample?

If youre upsampling wouldnt just a regular Tidal subscription suffice or do you need at least Flac from the Hifi tier for proper high end conversion?

I upsample everything to DSD512 at home and use the lowest quality in the car so am just wondering if I need the Tidal Hifi tier or if normal Tidal would be fine? I don’t care about MQA as I dont have a MQA dac anymore and didnt like it with a couple of MQA dacs that I tested it with. Thanks.

Umm Tidal regular tier is 320 Kbps. The Hi-Fi tier is CD quality 1411 Kbps.
If you’re upsampling you can’t make up information that is not there to begin with.
Why do you bother upsampling from a lossy format to DSD512?


Yes, that’s what I wanted to say too. The most
important is the source. Btw, after testing various settings I found upsampling to “Device Maximum Frequency” the best sound solution for me. Tried DSD upsampling with various parameters but no, the sound is somehow artificial and worst, “muffed”. And the CPU load is huge (I have a slow PC). And for what? For nothing in my case.

If you want really a good sound, you won’t find it with Tidal. You should buy SACDs or DSF tracks. MQA or upsampled FLAC and MP3 to DSD512 will never give you the SQ of a DSD source.

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