Does Audirvana 3.5 play Ogg Vorbis files?

Does Audirvana 3.5 play Ogg Vorbis files? I’ve just added a couple of Ogg Vorbis folders into my main library folders and I cannot find the songs in Audirvana 3.5’s library section (neither under Artists nor Album).

Or let’s put it another way: is there an official list of supported files by Audirvana? I can’t seem to find any of this basic information!

Audirvāna natively supports all audio formats, including multi-channel, used by professionals and music enthusiasts such as WAV, AIFF, FLAC, ALAC, MQA and DSD etc., with no resolution limit other than the DAC itself, typically 32 bits and a sampling rate of 768 kHz (or DSD512).

Click on “Read more” in the sections where it talks about files and formats.

Unfortunately, this is not an exhaustive list. It just mentions a few file formats (using ‘such as…’). Surely someone must know if Audirvana supports Ogg Vorbis?!

There is an old thread about this question but nobody answered it. As I mentioned, I cannot find an exhaustive list of file formats supported by Audirvana.

I tried adding a directory containing Ogg Vorbis files to my library but the songs do not appear under Library. They may be somewhere in Audirvana but I cannot find them.

From previous threads, it looks like it’s not supported, but maybe @Antoine can chime in.

Yes, I think you are right. Clarification from Audirvana would be useful.

I was wondering, does Audirvana have more than one staff member? I asked a very simple question two days ago that just needs a definitive yes or no answer. How hard could this be for the company that produces this product? Audirvana either does or does not support Ogg Vorbis files.

Well join the queue :slight_smile:

FWIW to test, I create an OGG file out of a FLAC using XLD and it was ignored by both A3.5 and AS1.2.
So my very unofficial opinion - NO.

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Me too. Does Audirvana support .OGG files?

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