Does Audirvana continue sync without iTunes in Intergrated mode?

I have a rather large ITunes library (22 k albums). I use ITunes integrated mode as I mainly add CDs to iTunes. Syncing in stand alone mode takes forever and often freezes Audirvana. Will the iTunes library continue to sync when in Integrated mode?

Hello @Raghu_Venkataraman,

If you are trying to syncrhonize the itunes media folder, when you start the synchronisation of your folder in Audirvana, do you still have iTunes opened?

Yes. I always have iTunes open.

Can you close iTunes while Audirvana is doing the synchronization?

I can try. Does it make a difference?

Yes it is as when you have iTunes open, it can interfere with the file you have, this is why the sync of Audirvana take so much time in your case.