Does Audirvana manipulate with music file?

Is this music player would manipulate the original sound?
it may be good for the listener, but I want to listen the original sound.

when the Audio file has the value of 0010010101011110110
the music player should play 0010010101011110110.

I am looking for the Music player do not artificially manipulate the original Audio file.

(I am very aware that I can add EQ and some filters. I am taking about the Audirvana’s own algorithm to play audio file.)

You found it. Unless you upsample or use software volume control, Audirvana outputs bit-perfect stream.

Oh wow. You’re right. I guess it’s a compromise between wanting bit perfection at 16/44 or maybe better sound up-sampled. I wish Sony/Philips had waited to do CDs in 24 bit.

They did the best they could with the constraints they had. Even almost 40 years later it’s still awesome.