Does Audirvana Origin Require Active Internet Connection [Solved]

Does Audirvana Origin require an active internet connection to play your own music files?

I believe Audirvana Origin phones home once in a while (license or update check???). But besides that it plays the local music files without needing a internet connection. I have had it playing without an Internet connection without problems, but never for weeks in a row. So I can’t tell you how that goes :smile:

@Antoine can correct me when I am wrong.

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If you want the hd analyzer to work, it has to be online…

In the prefs you can set ‘check for update’ maximum one month, so ?? :slight_smile:
@Antoine ?

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I’d get some exercise putting an album on, upside side effect :+1:t2:

That would be awful, children would be outside playing tag, riding bicycles, bouncing balls………:joy::wink::rofl: OMG……reading books!!! As long as you have AC power or a UPS we can survive I’m betting, Crazy idea……turn on your radio :flushed:

But seriously @Jim_F , does this Roon thing perhaps have something to do with the new ARC addition to the product. Don’t forget that Qobuz and Tidal have the ability to store content to your portable devices that you can use on an airliner or other place you don’t have internet connection.

If you are an Orgin user I’m supposing that your local files are readily accessible by some auxiliary means for a short period of time. I keep a decent sized library on my iPad and iPhone to access with
Onkyo HF player and VLC player is also a viable option. I’m not liking all eggs in one basket idea.

Absolutely it should be able to access local data consistently. If I spent a large percentage of time in a place with bad internet connectivity I would have a backup plan in any case. I’ve been in places where the choice was cassettes sent by mail and shortwave radio as the only options. This was before internet and streaming of course. Like a Boy Scout I’m trying to be prepared for most contingencies.

Edit: the ARC thing seems like a pretty handy addition.

Edit: Additional thoughts, it’s probably something to do with only being able to use orgin on one computer at a time as it checks and disconnects your other computer.

Sorry Jim , I poorly explained that last thought. Doesn’t Orgin like Studio constantly look for you to attempt to switch computers so that it can disconnect the other one? Would this require a solid internet connection or not? Comment from @Antoine would clear it up

Origin since not streaming or counting on internet to retrieve data such as biography for artist that it can find… not often anyway,

should not required internet login since you bought it… and it should be on the user side to connect from a computer to reconnect to the other if switching with his or her own serial number.

I have like many who bought origin for that reason, usually not even have a screen to look at and counting only on the remote… that! needs a 2.0 update :grinning:

Also, why the HD Analyzer need to be live to analyze your hard disc song, yes for streaming people, but not local file !?!

Would you be able to share a serial number and have 10 people using it? Audirvāna has to protect themselves from that type of abuse behavior. Even though the current switch computer system is a bit PITA with the computer not able to hold your information (Apple at least) I understand what the purpose is. Netflix and the other video streaming services haven’t figured this out in a easily implemented way………YET

We can just use myaudirvana site to login or logout to change computer, have no problem with that as it is now, or just use the account tab in the app…

Well Orgin is still awaiting an update. Maybe some improvements are fourth coming. I do know that they have to be aware of these conversations. Personally I’m not really impacted by this but streamlining the login and switch input requirements would be helpful.

Me too i don’t care about login, wifi is on always on MacMini
and i use ScreenSharing to see it from my main iMac 27’’ screen,
so, i guess i need Internet? :slight_smile:
but it is just for me, i bought it, so i do what i want after on my computers, yes one at the time :wink:

Hello @Jim_F,

Whether you use Audirvāna Origin or Audirvāna Studio, you can use it without an internet connexion for 30 days before needing to reconnect to internet.

For Audirvāna Studio, if during those 30 days your subscription expired, it will know that your subscription is expired.


Changing computers requires a internet connection?

It actually does since we need to check if you already have your account connected on a different computer.

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Makes complete sense, 30 days should be plenty of time just about anywhere on earth. Hotspot your phone or surface your submarine.

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You should do the both if your living in a submarine :joy:

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VLF is good for 300bps submerged, non audio though text only. Antenna is a bit long, towed behind.

Next time you go on that 4 month summer holidays this might come in handy :joy::wink::rofl:

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That’s good news for just about everyone, if you are using a computer for your audio system or just in general you will need internet access routinely. At what cost could be prohibitive for some folks perhaps. Cellular 5g now and Elon’s starlink, direct tv have closed up a lot of holes I would think.