Does Audirvāna suffer the the 'slow start' effect of old-bad belt-drive turntables?

Hi guys,
this is about Audirvana 3.5, the previous short-lived version and you find this post here because… A3.5 doesn’t deserve a dedicated category anymore! Old stuff [and people too] are thrown away asap in this beautiful world!
I must confess that being an old fashioned man —despite my age— I don’t hire something on a time basis; I only buy stuffs it if they are mine forever and I have enough money!
For this reason I will never purchase Audirvana Studio and stay with Audirvana 3.5 as long as the operating system of my Music Server supports it.
—I actually preferred A+, with which I shared my listening until a few weeks ago when an unintentional upgrade of A+ on iOS forced me to upgrade or be deprived of the remote control.

Having said that, here’s the problem.
After the upgrade to Audirvana 3.5, it sometimes suffers the 'slow-start effect" of bad belt-drive turntables; it’s only a fraction of a second and only happens at the first press of the play button on a track or album.
To solve it, you need to pause, rewind and hit play button again; quite annoying!

Has anyone noticed this strange effect with the infamous Audirvana 3.5?

THX 1k


PS CPU speed, RAM, cache and other preferences look OK.