Does Audirvana support Multi-Output Device on a Mac?

Does Audirvana support MIDI Multi-Output Device (MOD) use on a Mac?

I have a MOD set up that consists of an Audioquest Dragonfly, Schiit Audio Yggdrasil, and Dante Virtual Sound Card.

iTunes, Roon, and Pure Music output to all 3 devices of the MOD, but Audirvana won’t recognize the MOD. I have to manual choose which individual device I want Audirvana to use, and then it plays fine. The problem is that the Dragonfly and Yggdrasil feed separate systems, and I can’t get them to play simultaneously with Audirvana but I can with the 3 other players.

This limits Audirvana’s value to me in spite of it sounding slightly better and having some desirable features that the others lack.

Thanks for the help.