Does Audirvana support wav files?


I would like to know if Audirvana support wav files? Because I have an album in wav that does not show up on Audivarna and also I cannot open it with Audivarna (I am on MacOs).

Thanks in advance.

I’ve just checked, Roon and Vox can both play it. Is there an issue with Audirvana with wav support?

Hello @prettyyoungtunes, We do support wav files. Can you send us a file of this album at

Perfect thanks, just sent it.

Hello @prettyyoungtunes, I just made a test and I could see your file in Audirvana and play it. Did you put it in a folder that as been added in your Audirvana library?

Hi, yes it’s good now I can see it, I don’t know why it took some much time too appear though since it was in the same folder as the rest of my collection…but anyway now it’s good !