Does Audirvana work with Sony Walkman A55?

I’m looking for software that will manage and sync my audio files for use on my computer as well as with my Sony Walkman A55 Digital Audio Player, will Audirvana accomplish this? I’m not interested in using the DAP as a DAC. Thank you for your help in advance!

Hello @kclove24,

You can use your DAP as DAC, all you have to do is connect it to your computer, select the the proper mode in your DAP and you should be able to see and select it in Audirvana.

Thank you for the reply, however my question was regarding using Audirvana to SYNC the walkman. I am NOT interested in using it as a DAC. Thank you!

You mean access to the files stored in your walkman in Audirvana?

Yes, I would like to organize and sync the files on my Walkman using audirvana, is that possible?

When you connect it to your computer, are you able to browse your file stored in it using Finder or the File Explorer?