Does current "A. Remote" work with Audirvana+

I have Audirvana Plus version 3.2.18. Would like to use it with my iPad version 11.3 w/iOS 13.4.1. Is that combo likely to work? Thank you!

Correction: I don’t know what iOS version is on my iPad. The device wants me to upgrade to iOS 13.4.1. Will that iOS work with Audirvana Plus 3.2.18? (Clearly, I have little experience with these devices but I’m trying to get some. Help?)

I have done some experimenting, and below is some basic info for any non-tech-savy audiophiles still wondering if the current version of Audirvana Remote (April ’20) running on an iPhone or iPad will allow remote control of the older version of the Audirvana desktop app (“Audirvana Plus” 3.2.20) running on an older Mac laptop. The answer for me is “Yes,” as long as I use a reasonably current iPhone or iPad.

Some details: Audirvana Remote loaded quickly from the App Store to an iPhone (Model iPhoneX, OS 13.3.1) and to an iPad Mini (version 12.1). Setup was easy following the app’s online prompts. The Remote app uses a wi-fi connection to let the iPhone or iPad control key search, playback, sorting, and tagging features of “Audirvana Plus” running on my MacBook Pro with OS 10.10.5.

Some features of the desktop app are not available via the Remote app, but I like that Remote lets me access music files on my local storage drive as well as streaming from Qobuz (connected through Audirvana+). At first, Remote seemed quite limited in what it could control, but with experience I learned to look carefully on each page for clickable buttons and boxes (or for swipe possibilities) that let Remote control more functions.