Does not see tracks that all other apps do see

I am using JRiver for movies and music, but would like to transition to a dedicated music manager. Trying them all now, with about 500 albums in AIFF format. I like Audirvana and Studio but there is a deal killer. They miss a lot of tracks., For example, they seem to hate Dire Straits and some of my DS albums (and lots of others) have only one track. JRMC, Roon, Foobar, and anything else I try see all the tracks.

I have had many of these rips for years, and generally run them through Tag and Rename or similar software to clean up tags. That was the case with the Dire Straits albums and they have been retagged with data from Discogs. Point is, the tags are there but are not from the original rips. There may well be minor integrity issues. Is that the problem? It doesn’t seem to bother any other app so I am dubious.

I see this topic in various places but I have not seen a solution. Do I give up or is there one (a solution). Needs to be simple.