Does remote work reliably for anyone?

What are your secrets? I can have it working one minute then pause to answer a question from my wife only to return a non-functioning state. What happened to things in such a short amount of time? I’m using Windows 11, Studio, Android device without SIM card. I think I’ve had 3 or 4 routers. Things never change.


My setup - Surface Pro 6 on Windows 11 to Zen Dac Signature(V1) to Audioengine powered speakers with Audiengine sub. I access Studio using a Pixel 6 Pro with the current Andriod remote app. Both phone and Surface are on the same wifi. It works very well honestly. My only problems have been an occasional fail to white noise - usually when the Surface screen turns off. I increased the time out on that and it seems to have fixed that problem. At least I think it has or perhaps it was a bug fix along the way. Sometimes the connection to the Surface will timeout but the music keeps playing while I reconnect it.

Just curious, how long are you pausing before starting your session again? Also, is this Android running a recent release of Android, like 11 or 12? The sim card should not matter as long as you are using wifi for both units.

In a word, no.
The pause button (something I think is quite integral to my listening experience) hasn’t worked for some time now, and with seemingly no fix forthcoming.


The Android remote worked fine here before my Nokia updated itself from Android 10 to 11.
Now the remote fails to find any servers.

As a test I have installed the iOS version of the remote on my M1 MacBook Pro and it finds and connects to my MacBook Air without problems.

So to answer your question. In my opinion the Android version of the remote doesn’t work for me.

I have Audirvana Studio on a late 2014 mac mini running Monterey 12.2.1 .
I have Audirvana Remote on an iPad mini gen 2 running iOS12.
Firewall is off, Wifi signal is fine. IP address is consistent.
A MiniDSP SHD (OEM Volumio interface), is the LAN device

Has anyone had consistent results with the startup?

Locating the Audirvana server without manual intervention?

Most of the time I have to tap “Select a Computer” on the startup page - except when I don’t… Very inconsistent - sometimes it starts up and finds the computer automatically, other times it doesn’t.

Once found, it works perfectly for the duration of the listening session.

No problem on my side. Audirvana Studio on a MacBook Pro Intel running Monterey, local library on the built in SSD, the remote app on an iPhone 13 running iOS 15.
A few seconds to wait on startup and then it automatically connects. On an empty screen because who knows why they want us to see our favourites instead of our library and no way to change that, but it works nonetheless.

I have issues, but they’re not specific to the remote, it’s the UPnP implementation of Audirvana so it’s just Audirvana app issues repeated on the remote. When I use it to control my USB DAC it works as expected.

I can’t understand that either!!
On the remote and on desktop app :frowning:

The startup at my work setup where I use the remote the most varies - I do have to manually select my Mac which is already selected computer. Not the way it should be but a minor issue by far.

I still miss the full screen view of the mini player from the 2.x.x days.

Audirvāna on Windows 10 Pro, using iPad Pro 11 with M1 processor. The remote keeps dropping and will not reconnect unless I restart the Windows app. The app seems stable, however. If the remote will not work, it will be a dealbreaker for me no matter how much it sounds better than Roon.

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