Does the choice of a PC influence sound?

My layman understanding is that the audirvana software does bypass the PC, so does the PC have any influence on sound quality?
And if yes, is there some kind of PC recommended for audirvana?
Many thanks in advance for your inputs!

It does to a certain extent. Go for a Mac Mini.

Guess it’s down to the soundchip/card that’s being used. My Windows laptop has a build in Realtek soundchip, but it sounds nowhere near as good as the external USB soundcard I’m using.

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Oh boy, that’s the answer I dreaded…I am since ever married to the world of Windows PC and at my age I do not want anymore to hassle with a new system…but among windows PC’s are there any audible sound differences? I for instance use a basic Acer Aspire 5…

That’s gonna be a quick and painless divorce. :wink:

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It really depends… Are you using an external DAC or the internal DAC that comes with the PC?

If you’re using an external DAC, then not so much. However, cheap OEM components (motherboard, USB interface, etc.) may cause some audible issues with the signal path. Most modern mid to higher end desktop and laptop Windows PCs should be fine using a decent external DAC.

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Many thanks for your inputs and opinions, I viewed this afternoon on youtube the interview of Damien Plisson at the Paris Audio Video Show 2021 and my novice understanding is that he explained Kernel Streaming will bypass the PC and connect directly to the DAC…so the influence of the PC should be of no harm to the audio signal…is my interpretation correct?

It will bypass the OS, if that’s what you mean. As will WASAPI (exclusive) & AISO, and what they do is keep the OS from changing the stream before it’s sent to the DAC hardware.

Do not you thing that it doesn’t matter at all?. And all the rest is marketing crap only?

As long as hardware meets the requirements of the OS and application software of course.

Thanks, modestly I prefer with my setup KS…the soundstage seems to me somewhat more open and nicer reverbaration…must I admit this is highly subjective, being alone I cannot test blindly but anyway I am more thank happy since I came across audirvana…

After many tests and changes I stay for the moment with ASIO: the instruments and stereophony sounds fantastic, especially if it’s a good recording and Qobuz. A bit hyper-realistic but cool. That’s my case. Windows 10 LTSC, stock drivers, inLine USB DAC. ASIO with 24 bit, not 32. 32 sounds worst for me. Than WASAPI, than KS. All with DoP 1.1, no upsampling or other settings, low buffer (+/- 2 GB). And a stereo amplifier + classic speakers.

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