Doesn’t play all album

I have a trial version of Audirvana as I have some Roon issues. I have tried Audirvana before and always had problems.
I’m running Mac mini to an enternet connected network where my music is on a QNAP NAS with good specs and play to a Cambridge Audio CXN.
My problem is that after one, maybe two songs in an album, the software stops playing. One time it kept playing but the screen on my Mac was showing it had stopped. I want this to work as I’m keen on Tidal trial and I can play my DSD files on the Cambridge Audio CXN - which sound great with this combo . But compared to Roon (Roon problem is sampling down on CXN & Airplay) I’ve only had problems with Audirvana. I’m also stunned by having to pay 14.99 for the app, which makes it hard to test as well as being excessive.
Any thoughts on where the issues may lie would be really appreciated

Playing again this morning and tracks just stop halfway. Very unimpressed with this software. System optimise is on. Mac mini 2012 with 16G memory. Roon never misses a beat on my network no matter from any device - ever - but can’t play dsd easily on my Cambridge Audio component.
Needless to say I won’t be buying licence - I’d test the app if it was free as maybe it would work better.
Who needs this aggravation and a couple of hours of it so far.