Download for WIN 10 Home does not work (Paid License)

Hi there,

I had to rebuild my computer under WIN10 Home from the scratch. Now the download for Audirvana under WIN does not work. I don’t get an error message either, the download just doesn’t work.
I bought my license correctly from you. This allows me to install Audirvana on two WIN computers according to your license regulations.

So please fix it and give me a download option or let me get the installation software in some other way.

Why don’t you have a protected area where the paying user can download the license?

Greetz Knut

Hello @KnutLuettig,

Can you make sure you have an App called App-Installer in your computer? We use this app to install Audirvana. If you don’t have it you can find it for free on the Microsoft Store.

Jep, Thanx for your help. I had to update the APP Installer…

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