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Ive just paid the $130+ for the app, but won’t download no matter how many times I try. Not even the DEMO won’t download. just a bunch of shit being saved for reading later for some stupid reason. Convenient that there’s NO humans around, like by phone, but that’d be too easy. WTF do I duo next??? Who do I call??? a real great way to bum out the whole evening! Don’t suppose anyone here has a clue? A 1-800 number would salvage this unfortunate event. and just might make it worthwhile. Im already starting to hate my new Mac and am thinking Windows once again just because of such a stupidly simply operation that won’t execute.

Astro phys hey?
Should be able to figure out how to download a file.
Or at least provide some details what os and browser version are you using.

Firstly, temper your attitude. Behaving like a spoilt brat will only result in your being treated as one.

Your user name suggests some modicum of intelligence at least. I hope you’re not fooling us here…
So why didn’t you first use the month’s free trial of Audirvana?
Also, I’m sure that your in depth research (as an intelligent person you did do some research before spending money, right?) will have made it clear to you that Audirvana’s staff work on French time, since that is where they are.

Your little rant will doubtless be answered by Damien when he wakes up.

In the meantime don’t forget to breathe. :roll_eyes:

Hello @AStroPhyzMike,

sorry for the inconvenience you got to download Audirvana. As you are talking about a Mac, what is happening when you try to download Audirvana? You filled the form at and after you click on download, what is happening? If it’s not working then we can give you a direct link to download Audirvana.

Could you please try to remain civil in this forum @AStroPhyzMike

Maybe you need to enable this in the security settings:

In the “Allow apps downloaded from:”, select “App Store and identified developers”.

Sorry for the rant. Several things happened at once that evening first with some ISP problems, plus the WiFi Extender mounted outside my door decided to go ‘intermittent’ for a while then finally packed it in! Crazy flashing lights coming from it. Murphy’s Law I guess! The landlord says I should be back up by Tuesday the 15th. I hope they swap it out for a new one. Had to use cell data to send this…

At the end, the download did its thing and finally ended up in my computer without notifying me. Installed okay I think, but won’t know for sure till Tuesday when I can try it.

Thanks for all the help, as I’m recovering from an serious aneurism which isn’t healing as fast as I’d like and is frustrating. But things will work out in the end I’m sure. Thanks for your consideration, and I’ll get back to you then…

Thanks again, and sorry for my earlier rant…


To be fair to you, it sounds like you had a seriously shitty time.
I’m sure nobody’s going to hold anything against you - especially not Damien, who is the only one who matters, really.
Hope things look up for you very soon - and I’m sure you’ll love Audirvana as much as most of us do once you get it up and running.

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