Downloading of Qobuz booklets

When displaying Qobuz booklets, the image definition is often not very good, even when zooming to enlarge the booklet. The same happens also with the Qobuz app, but there is the possibility to download the (full definition) PDF file of the booklet. It would be useful to have the same option in Audirvana Studio.

Hello @al1h,

Do you have some example to share so I can check if i have the same resolution issue?

The problem is general, but it is more evident with booklets using small character fonts.
A typical example of booklet with small character fonts: Jan Dismas Zelenka : 6 Sonatas, ZWV 181
Collegium 1704 (Open Qobuz) which is a bit fuzzy, even if you enlarge it. With the Qobuz app, you have the same problem, but you can download the pdf (, which is sharp, even if you enlarge it.
It is a minor problem, and it is not related directly to Audirvana, but rather, I suppose, to the type of files that Qobuz delivers for the visualisation of their booklets.

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