Downsampling DSD256 to DSD128

I have a recording that is DSD256. My DAC only supports DSD128. I have a new DAC coming, but was wondering if Studio can be set to downsample the DSD256 to DSD128 so I can listen with this DAC. Is this possible? Problem is the ASIO driver for DAC supports up to DSD512 so Studio probably thinks it is fine to send DSD256 to Driver…but chipset will only support DSD128 in this DAC.

Problem will be solved when new DAC arrives, but just wanted to try the files. Any ideas?

You can set the maximum sample rate.

to what?

Set it to resample everything fixed to DSD128.

I cannot seem to figure out where you can do that. There is the upsampling menu, and I set it there to DSD128, but studio still shows it is outputting DSD256 to DAC

Audirvana Studio does not re-modulate any DSD file, either upward or downward… Use a sample-rate converter program like Bit-Perfect’s “DSD Master” to generate a re-modulated DSD128 file…

ok, thanks for the info. New DAC will be here next week so will just wait I guess

Correction: “DSD Master” only converts DSD to PCM…

Applying any re-modulation DSP to DSD streams is generally not something that is supported in any player, this is done with a stand-alone application…

There are at least two players that can do that
JRiver, but the process is quite “articulated” as it transcode to PCM and then back to DSD
HQPlayer that do it it in a better way (ie not going through the PCM conversion)

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