Drag and Drop into Playlists

Please implement dragging and dropping of tracks into playlists. Look into the NSTableViewDataSource protocol. You may not have to implement additional methods into a custom NSTableView subclass, but you may want to anyway, if for example you want custom animation as the user drags the songs over a playlist. In any case, it gets us farther away from iTunes. For a start, the key method is currently https://developer.apple.com/documentation/appkit/nstableviewdatasource/1525370-tableview. If using CoreData, write the selected managed objects’ uriRepresentation onto the pasteboard.

Has this issue had any action from the developers ?
I have recently purchased Audirvana mainly due to
its incredible sound quality.
However I find that it is very basic in a simple thing such as this, also in Windows 10 it has
no option to Right click and send to…
The other issue I have is that I cant see the program in Windows 10 to make it my default Music player.
Anyone else have some sugesstions or advice.?

Just wondering to hear from Windows Users of Audirvana.To see if others have this issue, or if they have a workaround they could share .

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