Drag & drop cue/ape file from readonly USB not working


As there’s no browsing capability built in Audirvana I’m using drag and drop from file browser to play files/folders.

Most of my library consists of single flacs per tracks, but I have also some single (per album) flac/ape/wav files with corresponding cue files.
Dragging cue files from my USB drive containing my library works like a charm unless its mounted read-only.
If I mount it read-only drag-drop stops working only for cue files for “ape” format (i.e. nothing happens when dropping it). Strange behavior, right?

I’m using latest adirvana 3.1.8 and 2TB USB drive has EXT3 filesystem.
If not that ugly feature of macos to create some hidden folders on mounted drives I’d have never thought of mounting read-only.

I’ll convert those apes a but I think maybe it’s kind of bug…