Drop-outs during playback

I’d like to report this obscure bug where brief drop-outs (similar to defects on a CD) occur when all of these conditions are met:

  • Playback to a DSD-capable DAC via DoP
  • Upsampling to DSD
  • Use of DSP effects
  • Option “Realtime control” is ON

Drop-outs will occur reliably and regularly at precisely the point where the buffer reaches the 50% watermark and is replenished (as seen on the playback progress bar).

The “Realtime control” option has no effect during DSD playback, and the solution is obviously to leave it off. I found this behaviour after temporarily switching from DSD upsampling to PCM upsampling and enabling “Realtime control”. After I had finished testing various DSP settings during playback I switched back to DSD upsampling but left the “Realtime control” option on. This is when the dropouts started occurring.

This is not a high-priority bug since it can be avoided by turning off “Realtime control” every time DSD upsampling is selected. But I thought it might be worth your while checking what’s going on there.

Let me know if you need my debug output listing.