Drop outs with high rez downloads

I’m using a Mac mini (mid 2011) running Yosemite OS. Audirvana 3.2.20. Using a Playback Designs MPS-5. Works and sounds wonderful. However with high rez downloads (192, DSD) I get the occasional drop out for a second or so. Tried to
reduce the memory buffer in settings to no avail. Was wondering if the mac mini with 8 Gb of memory is the culprit. My question is if I upgrade to a new 2020 Mac Mini with 16 or even 32 Gb memory would fix this issue? Also if I do this can I use Timemachine backup to transfer my current Audirvana software and large playlist to the new mac mini.
Just wanted anyone with some insight to chime in. Thanks in advance. Stay safe! Happy New Year!

Probably, 16Gb should be enough. Check if it’s not a network issue though.