Dropping connection to output device

I have Audivarna on my desktop connecting via wi-fi to a Marantz network player in my stereo system, which worked fine but the connection disappeared and the output devices window doesn’t show it. Audivarna Remote works ok on my iPad. Is there anything I can do in Audivarna, or is this a wi-fi problem?

I have checked my wi-fi and the network player is connected, but it still doesn’t show up in the Audivarna Audio Output settings, so I can’t play anything through my stereo system - which is the reason I purchased this app! How do I get any help with this problem?

Try to reset the Marantz. Which device do you have?

It’s a Marantz NA6006 Music Streamer

I don’t know whether this fits, but it happened to me, when I shut down Audirvana and leave the DAC on. Audirvana won’t see a device then, whereas I can see my DAC is on… After shutting down the DAC for a few seconds and then start it up again, everything works fine.

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