Drops during Tidal playback

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I have a iMac M1 16GB ram - with two Devialet Phantom II speakers. They use my wi-fi for connecting.

Tidal playback drops frequently for a second or two.

I had this issue in ROON and a suggestion that I reduce max sample rate to 48Khz helped.

Is there a similar setting in Audirvāna or other places I should look.

My thanks for any tips!

Have you tried the RAW/PCM switch in the DAC settings? Wi-Fi and hires files can be problematic with Audirvāna, even with Ethernet connections I couldn’t play longer 24/192 files past approximately 3/4

Definitely disable any upsampling

You should post up your debug so forum can perhaps help further

Thanks very much for your reply. I gave it a try today and same issue with hi-res music.


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I have the same problem to night with dropouts when playing Tidal. Sometimes lasting several seconds. Never happened to me before. Very annoying.
Have a MacBook Pro from 2013 vith Mojave. 16GB RAM.

Plays fine in ROON which is … interesting.

Post your debug so we can understand your system setup, usb or Ethernet? Etc.

Roon is on an entirely different level than Audirvana when it comes to network playback performance. UPNP vs Roon’s RAAT system

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