Drops--what to try that stops them

Recently starting to have drops. It occurs on 16/44.1 recordings from local source, usually at the end of the song. I have replaced DC cord (that had been replaced as this started), substituted in a hi-rez version of a album, which seems to have stopped the drops so far for that album, and switched to no upsampling, all with no apparent affect.
What else do I try?
I will replace some of the albums that cause it, thinking maybe those albums are corrupted, but am open to new suggestions.

Use an alternative player to check. VLC plays everything. Just play those albums with VLC and if no problems then are not corrupted. You can try deactivating DoP and using ASIO, for me with my system these settings are the best right now.

My oversight, I didn’t mention that I am a Mac user–sorry for that. I am trying new tracks of the same music to test for corruption.



Daniel. Thanks for the link. I will check this out and give it a shot. much appreciated.