DSD 512 not recognized by Audirvana

   I'm running Audirvana 3.2.  Mac mini with Yosemite OS.  Recent obtained an Esoteric K-03 XD

player. Proper esoteric drivers successfully installed that should allow it to work with Audirvana.
Works great however Audirvana is unable to see that the Esoteric player is DSD 512 capable.
In other words the DSD 512 is not lit up in preferences. Also MQA is also not recognized by Audirvana. Is this an issue with the mac OS or Audirvana?

Mac can’t play dsd512…

The Mac is capable of playing DSD 512, but not with a DSD 512 DAC. The way macOS deals with DSD output, reduces to half the frequency of which the DAC is capable.

Thank You. That’s what I thought.