DSD over PCM, gives wrong track time

I’m using ifi iDSD nano dac. I installed the ASIO drivers, version 2.26 and 3.2
Playing around using DSD over PCM 1.0 and 1.1

I notice on some settings, when playing a DSD track, no sound is outputted and the timebar lists 00:17 seconds, even though the track is over 4 minutes. It seems when the DSD over PCM is selected in some situations, the time bar doesn’t coincide with the actual track length.

I can reproduce this problem by unplugging the dac, and using the internal laptop dac (Realtek High Definition Audio), which doesn’t support DSD.
CONVERT TO PCM -> good sound and proper time
DSD Over PCM -> no sound, and 00:17 listed for a track that is over 4 minutes

I’ve fixed a seek issue on DSD tracks in build 1021 I’ve just issued.
Can you check if this fixes your issue?

No, the error persists.
Still lists track time as 00:17, but no audio output. It will even go past 00:17, because the actual track is over 4 minutes

It occurs when DSD over PCM is selected 1.0 or 1.1, when it is not supported.
In the case of the ifi dsd nano, it occurs when the wrong driver was installed.

Ok, so it’s an issue sending audio data/ DAC configuration.
I’ll look at it on Monday.
The issue I’ve fixed was to seek in long DSD files.

Hi Damien,

Just wondering if there is any update to this?
I keep getting 00:17 seconds playback time when trying to test out my ifi idsd nano dac.
thank you for all what you do!

Fix is done and will be in next release.
Just taking a bit more time to do it as this will be quite a large release, as it brings the list views rework to completely change the response speed (from over a minute to less than 2s to load a huge (360k+ tracks) Library).