DSD playback on 3.5

Hi Damien

Firstly, congrats and thank you for the new Audirvana 3.5.
I like the new GUI, as with anything new, some time need be spent in familiarizations. :wink:
I’ve only two point to make here on my experience so far with the new 3.5. A loud blip occurs before song playback when switching from any other formats (aiff,flac,mp3) to DSD/SACD iso. No loud blip occurs when switching songs or album within the DSD/SACD iso format, it will only occur when switching from another format to DSD/SACD iso. This did not occur with the previous version on my set up. I’ve activated “mute playback during sample switch” on audio set up but it didn’t help with the issue.
The other which is of a lesser annoyance, when in use with Audirvana A+ Remote, the iPad app will sometime will not show the full list of album artwork on playlist window
I am sure this are all bugs that you may already have known of, and you and your team may already be working on. Hope to see a fix soon on the next update.
Thanks for the great work.

Mac mini late 2012 Core i7 2.3 16gig RAM OSX Mojave 10.14.4
Lynx Hilo AD/DA via USB connection
iPad Pro 11, iOS12.2

Best regards