DSD re-modulation

Remodulate DSD to higher clock rates, eg. from 64fs to 256fs.

NativeDSD offers a service where you can buy remodulated DSD, which has been remodulated in software (HQPlayer Pro) to higher clock rates. They claim that this pushes noise further into the inaudible spectrum. Given that 64fs material is plentiful but higher clock rates are not, this is a way to get the stated benefit of higher DSD clock rates for the music that we have available.

You can do that with SoX using the command line.

Not convinced of the utility of this since Audirvana can do this in real time during playback. Why would you want to store much larger size if you can do the upsampling on demand?

The only situation where this might make sense is when your setup (or DAC) has issues with the upsampling.

Audirvana does not remodulate DSD. It can upsample PCM, and can convert PCM to DSD, but DSD source material is sent to the DAC as-is.

You’re talking about SoXR. With SoX you should be able to do that. I’m not an expert on this, feel free to research yourself.

I didn’t refer to SoX at all, but since you raised it, mansr’s GitHub for SoX (not the mainline) has some DSD support. It is not clear to me that SoX is remodulating; based on the example that he posted it looks more like it is converting to PCM and then back to DSD (the example he posted converts to 88.2kHz before going to 11.2MHz/1bit). That is not what I am looking for; remodulating keeps the music as a sigma-delta stream without converting to PCM as an intermediary.

NativeDSD has been doing cash grab after cash grab.

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I already own a lot of DSD music in 64fs ripped from SACD, and if I can get the same outcome with Audirvana that they get from HQ Player Pro by remodulating my existing 64fs files then that’s a saving opportunity.

The Mac is limited to a DSD 256 playback.
With my PC I can get a DSD 512 playback with the same DAC.

Audirvana can not do it.

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Mac is not limited to DSD256, but because Mac only supports DSD-over-PCM the additional overhead of DSD-over-PCM restricts the maximum DSD rate to half of the DAC’s maximum rate. That is why you can only achieve DSD256 on Mac, but can achieve DSD512 on PC with native DSD.

I learned something. I thought it was the limit of macOS.

In the last years, it seems that Audirvana focussed its development efforts on the playback of the streaming services, and neglected DSD.
At the present, the other audiophile players do re-modulate DSD and also support DSF-WV, but Audirvana lags behind.

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