DSD reading crackles

I’m on MacBook air
Dac : Heed Abacus

I tried different setups but all of them produce some crackles and poc during the reading of DSD files (352khz).
What should I’ve to do ?? On Mac ? On Audirvana ?


It seems you are sending to the dac DSD in DoP (DSD Over Pcm), but you dac can do only “native DSD” according to the dac specs in the user manual … but on macOS you can do only DoP.

Are you upsampling or playing native DSD files?

I think they mean it’s not converted to PCM first when playing DSD content.

I’ve these choices for DSD on Abacus : Direct path or native.
No upsampling.
I can read 1 or 2 tracks, and after, it crackles…


How much memory you have on your computer?

Processor 1,8 Ghz - Core i.5 double coeur

You need more RAM. It should fix it.

Witch resolution should I have choose for DSD’s folder with my RAM ?

None, stick to PCM. You can try with DSD64 and DoP 1.0.

I had 2012 MacBook Air w Catalina. You hv to convert to flac or wav.

I have 8 gig memory on Mac Mini 2010. That is enough for Audirvana upsampling to DSD64 but not enough for DSD264 up sampled by Audirvana. DSD264 as original native file can be played by my Mac mini. My Dac is RME ADI 2 FS, a dac that let you choice between dsd over PCM or Direct DSD.
The best way, but expensive: original dsd files. Audirvana upsampling to dsd needs a lot of processor energy from the computer.

Hi Mitsu,
Did you try another USB Cable? High sample rate need a good cable to transfer the data correctly. If you already used the audio grade cable USB Cable, the problem maybe in the DAC. I ever played in 32/768KHz in Macbook air, it’s sound ok and very good.

IMHO, Audirvana only need max 8G Ram. I also setting the audirvana in more than 8G, the time elapse change from 6 minute back to second again. In my ear, less ram u set, more natural sound you can get

You have enough Ram and processor.


  • Minimum:
    • A processor Core 2 Duo or later
    • MacOS X 64bit 10.11 (El Capitan) or later
    • At least 2GB RAM
  • Recommended:
    • 4GB RAM or more

No, I think I’ve a good usb cable and the DAC is pretty good.
The Mac is a little bit too old for this kind of folder. But I just have one folder like this !