DSD sound issue after update to 2.5.0

After updating to 2.5.0, I was surprised to find that the DSD sound source played by ASIO changed to a much thinner sound. There seems to be no problem with the FLAC sound source. Also, DSD sound sources are fine if you play them with WASAPI. I like the sound played by ASIO better. Is this problem solvable?

As far as I know nothing changed in Audirvana’s sound engine. I do not hear any difference on my system playing DSD (original DSF files or upsampling pcd to DSD) through USB with the ASIO driver.

Are you sure nothing else changed in your system besides the update to 2.5? Changes in Windows sound settings, Windows updates, or changes in the settings on your DAC maybe? Also are there maybe changes in the settings of your DAC’s ASIO driver? Are there changed settings in Audirvana (for instance with upsampling?).

As a last resort, try re-installing the ASIO driver from your DAC-manufacturer or even re-install Audirvana. It is very unlikely that the update to Audirvana 2.5 is responsible for this.

Found same issue when using kernel streaming. Sounds like white noise. No issue when using ASIO.

Forgot to mention that the noise only occurs when using native DSD stream. No noise when using DoP.

Thanks for your comments, I have not changed anything since I updated to 2.5.0. I have reinstalled Audirvana as you suggested, and also reinstalled the ASIO driver (ifi micro signature), but no change. The symptoms are as follows.

  1. the problem occurs only when playing back DSD sources using ASIO. The sound is like a mono sound, concentrated in the middle, with no extension.When I listen to Jeff Beck’s “You Know What I Mean”, which has a lot of different sounds all over the place, it seems that some sounds are clearly missing. When I use WASAPI or Kernel Streaming for playback, the sound is as good and expansive as before.
  2. When I upsample a FLAC sound source to DSD and play it back (DoP), it plays back fine even when using ASIO. The problem seems to occur only when playing back native DSD sound sources with ASIO.
  3. when using Jriver MC, there is no problem (good sound) when playing back DSD sources using ASIO. However, I prefer the Audirvana sound. So I am in trouble.

My best regards to all.

I updated to 2.5.0 and I can confirm that playing DSD as a DLNA stream on ethernet produces the same effect exposed in the op.

I have the problems on two different streaming devices that otherwise work properly, Bricasti M1 and M3, and Holo Red.

I have Audirvana too on the same PC and it works ok as always.

Described thinning in sound is not just a slight impression, since it’s a mono blend of the two original channels.

With both Bricasti and the Holo Red, stereo playback is re-established asking for ‘No DSD’ in the device configurator.

USB ASIO works flawlessly with the Bricasti DACs, even in DSD.

(One indeed strange thing: I use aside and Origin 2.5.0, other media players, for testing. No problem with them, except for the 32bit Foobar2k release 2.0, with foo_sacd_input 1.5.5. Foobar2k produces a different, and wrong, result when playing DSD via DLNA, generating noise with barely recognisable music embedded in it. But this one could be just a coincidence.)

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The descriptions make me think of a mono (2 left of right?) and 1 channel inverted signal.

Could a routing bug have crept in with the DSD update?


Hi guys,

We have been able to narrow the cause of this issue, The issue is fixed in the 2.5.1 version of Audirvāna Studio/Audirvāna Origin