DSD to Marantz PM7000N via DLNA

I’m enjoying Audirvana daily with my Marantz HD DAC1.
Recently I started also using it with DLNA Marantz amplifiers and network streamers.

One of them a Marantz PM7000N shows up in Audirvana as not supporting DSD even though it does. I can play DSD files to it using the HEOS app, Synology DS Audio and various others.
When I force DSD over PCM I get white noise and very faint sound.

Other Marantz devices detect DSD ability fine with Audirvana. NA6005, NR1604, etc.

I’ve sent the debug info to Support at Adirvana, and they looked into it, but without a resolution.

Has anyone else had similar experience with DLNA?

Tried the 3.5.30 release. Still white noise over DLNA on this device.

@Antoine So for shits and giggles I installed the BubbleUPnP Server on my Synology NAS. It discovered all my 4 Marantz DLNA boxes just fine, including the PM7000N which has DSD issues with Audirvana.
Disabled all transcoding. Exposed the four DLNA renderers as OpenHome renderers. Bumped up the Qobuz supported max quality to FLAC 24/192
Then I installed the Lynn iOS app which can control OpenHome renderers.
And I was able to play DSD just fine to PM7000N in native 2.8 and 5.6 freq.
And also Qobuz played fine in up to FLAC 24/192. (it plays fine via Audirvana too but shows PCM 24/192 not FLAC).
So there is nothing wrong with the PM7000N DLNA support, since multiple control points can push DSD to it, except Audirvana unfortunately.

The same problem with my Marantz NR1200
The audirvana does not recognize it as a native DSD player, so that I can only stream DoP to it which plays like white noise.

Thanks @tifusa, the NR1200 is also a new 2019 model. Looks like Audirvana is not compatible with the DSD DLNA implementation then.
Too bad Damien is not responding to this issue anymore.

At least BubbleUPnP Server works like a charm for this and the Linn apps for iOS and macOS both are quite nice as a control point. And free.

Thanks for your suggestion! I tried BubbleUPnP and it actually works quite well except it cannot convert 32bit audio file to 24bit. The option of converting 24 bit to 16 bit seems to have no help. Do you have any other suggestions?

Sure no problem. I don’t think I have any 32bit audio. Where can I find some. Would like to try.

I find a free sample online

Hello @VoyagerDude, the DLNA implementation in Audirvana is not the problem here, the fact is that this implementation also depends of the manufacturer who choose/forget to put the proper settings to be compatible with the standards of DLNA.

Hi @Antoine, thanks for your reply. You keep saying that this is the manufacturer’s implementation fault, perhaps you are right, but this doesn’t explain why Audirvana is the only software that has an issue with playing to these devices.
I gave a number of examples already of apps playing no problem to the Marantz PM7000N.