DSD to PCM option missing

Apologies for re-posting this issue here, but I am hoping to get a better chance at a response.

Dear @Antoine

I want to be able to convert DSD to PCM so I can use audio units plugin on the music. However, the option of ‘Native DSD method > None:Convert to PCM’ appears only on a 24/96 capable DAC, but it does NOT appear on my DSD capable DAC (which plays both PCM and DSD).

Please fix this. Thank you!

I have a chord 2qute and shows me the dsd option on the left. Perhaps try switching from 4 channel to stereo?

Does yours have DSD playback?

He’s my dac does have dsd playback up to 128 and this option shows when selecting. It is however only a 2 channel Dac. Yours stated it’s 4 channel and perhaps there’s the issue and you need to out in on 2 ch only?

No, it makes no difference in 2 ch. Thanks for the suggestion though.

Does the “bridge” setting, “Max sample rate” affect DSD? If you enter a PCM limit here?

No, it does not make a difference in my case.

Can someone from Audirvana respond to this, please?

Apologies for re-posting this issue here, but I am hoping to get a better chance at a response.

Hello @Johnnystar ,

Sorry for the very late reply. We identified in the past an issue in the DoP interpretation of MyTek when using a Firewire connection, this is why you can’t change the DoP setting, it is by default enabled internally by Audirvana.

So, it works with USB but not Firewire?

It works with both, you just can’t change the setting on Firewire since it’s enabled internally by Audirvana.

I don’t understand the meaning of “enabled internally by Audirvana”, but thank you for replying. I know now there is no solution to my problem. 🥲

This means that Audirvana detect that you are using the Firewire connection of your Mytek device, it then enable DoP automatically.

If you take a look at your Debug info after selecting the Firewire connection, you will see that DoP is enabled.

Thank you, I think I understand now :blush: and I assume this will not be adjusted in a future version of Audirvana Studio because not many people use Firewire. Thank you for the “realtime” responses, it is appreciated. :grin: