DSD upsampling problems with Tidal

i use Audirvana with my Macmini and i upsample with SOX to DSD 256. Works very well with my own files from my library, and i am very satisfy.

But i have problems when i play Tidal, i notice that sometimes when listening Tidal, i get balance problems, sometimes when listen Tidal, the music is “going out” only from one speaker for just a second and after the music is back to the other speaker. This appen only with Tidal, not with my own filse from library. This balance problem do not appen when i upsample to PCM 32/384.
Someone has dicover the same problem?

It doesn’t make much sense to upsample MQA content.

I don´t upsample MQA, Tidal has not only MQA, most of the files in Tidal is flac PCM 16/44.

Which DAC do you have? Can you post the debug info here?

i have Hegel H390.
I discovered that this problem is only with some tracks, and only with DSD 256, not with DSD 128, and only with this tracks in Tidal, same song from my library sounds perfect upsamplet to DSD256

Hi @PaoloNorway
I have the Hegel H590 connected to a Dell PC and I recently started experimenting with upsampling “TO DSD”. I used 96 and 128 and had none of these problems with TIDAL’s flac files. My question is whether some kind of upsampling like this really makes sense using DACs as good as the ones that come with the Hegel H590 and 390 as well. Many people say that upsampling harms the result but, I don’t know if it’s psychological (kkkk) but here it seems that the clarity, the space has increased … what did you think with the 390?

il DAC del H590 e del H390 sono ottmi dac, Hegel costruisce i piu moderni dac, non i serve un dac esterno, a meno che non ne prendi uno da 5-6000 euro. In entrata usb puoi fare upsampling fino a DSD 256, e ti assicuro che il suono ottenuto e migliore di non fare nessun upsampling. Che diffusori hai?

I agree with you about our dacs. I’m just not entirely sure of the improvement in audio yet. I started testing this yesterday. But it seems to me that it does improve … today I have a pair of Monitor Audio PL200 series II with Hegel

io uso un macmini con audirvana collegato tramite cavo ethernet ad un Nuc con volumio. Uso Audirvana che manda il flusso di dati pronto al nuc, dove a volumio arriva la pappa pronta e deve solo mandarlo al dac tramite cavo usb. Volumio non modifica niente di quanto Audirvana gli manda, svolge solo il playback, quindi minimo sforzo cpu, minime vibrazioni e minimo rumore jitter. Si sente meglio che mandare direttamente i files da Audirvana al Hegel. Prova se hai un pc extra.

I’ve been thinking about buying an Innuos Zen Mini mk3, but honestly, I did some tests here with an Innuos borrowed from a friend and comparing it to what I have now (a simple PC connected via USB to Hegel) I didn’t notice any difference

E uno streamer? io lascerei perdere, lascia il pc con Audirvana, se puoi prova con un altro pc e vedi come va ancora meglio.

Outro problema é que estou no Brasil. E a carga de impostos que temos faz os produtos chegarem aqui custando muito caro. Estou feliz com o que tenho (veja a foto de meu “santuário” kkkk)

Molto bello, lascialo cosi. io ho l H390 con le kef reference 5, sono molto soddisfatto.

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