DSD Volume Control

Is it possible to control the volume through the software while in DSD or is it always fixed? The volume bar is grayed out and adjusting through the software has no effect. PCM works fine.

It’s impossible to apply any kind of DSP, even volume leveling, to the DSD sound without converting it first to PCM.

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Should have been more clear on my initial post. I’m streaming Qobuz through Audirvana using DSD conversion to dac, so originally PCM.

If I understand you correctly, you want to control the volume on the fly during the playback of the tracks that are streamed by Qobuz
But it’s also impossible, because the player works with a buffer, and the DSD upsampling is processed ahead of sending the sound to the DAC.

For your local PCM tracks, I think that you can have volume leveling before they are upsampled to DSD.
You have to analyze first your library with the player, and it will set ReplayGain for each track.

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