DSF Metadata


I just bought a DSD/DSF album from HDTracks for the first time. It plays fine, but Audirvana (v3.2.5) will not read any of the file metadata tags. Jaikoz (v9.0.3) can read them fine, but Audirvana shows them blank. If I try to edit one (Genre) it tells me it can’t save ‘probably due to write permissions’. Tried changing to r/w for everyone but made no difference. Thoughts?


OK. I figured it out. I had been using Jaikoz all along to edit flac and alac metadata, but it does something to dsf to make them incompatible with A+. I got the kid3 tagger to remove all the metadata fields then manually put all the info back in A+ (it’s UI is better than kid3). Computer audio is many things, but never easy!