Duplicate Album Issue

I have 2 albums (Genesiis’ Abacab & The Black Crowes’ Amorica) that are displayed twice in Audirvana. Each album has all the songs except for a couple, so the same album is displayed twice.

For example, the 1st Abacab album is displayed w/ every song except 3 songs; the missing songs are under a different Abacab album. What can I do to have every song on the Abacab album be under 1 album?

I hope these screenshots accurately display my issue:

Try to drop the cover you have on the two separate album, in album view.
Or, i see your 3 separated tracks have a 4* rating, could it be that?

I changed the album w/ the 3 tracks to 0* rating, but it did not change: the albums are still showing twice. I’ve gone through all of the meta tags & everything is consistent between the 2 albums. I’m sure it’s a configuration issue, but I have no idea what it is.

Have you tried dropping the cover.jpg … the same on each of the two in library view?

when you click on of the two album cover, without clicking a song in it…
how is it sort in the info panel on right? the same?

Are they from your Library… or only in a playlist from streaming?

The same image was applied to the entire elabum.

They are the same.

The files are local & not streaming.

I’m using macOS Big Sur (in case that helps).

I’m using macOS Big Sur (in case that helps)
or it doesn’t help… might be buggy :slight_smile:

Put your library in tracks view… scroll to abacab album, select all abacab songs…
show the tags editor… select the title and delete it, hit enter and save… you will lost the cover that way.
Type again the Title, hit enter and save again… still no cover.

Click on the left of songs… Genesis name… it will brings you to all Genesis albums you have…
there click one time Abacab album with no cover…
don’t select a song… in tag editor, change album cover, select the abacab cover you have,
hit enter and save.

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